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How Do I Set Up a Goodsmiths Shop?

Last Updated: Feb 18, 2013 11:44PM CST

You can get started at Before you can set up shop, you need to create a Goodsmiths user account. (Note: If you already have a Goodsmiths account and have reserved your shop name, the blue button will not say "Sign up with Facebook," it will say "Continue to Shop". Click that and catch up with us at the Shop Dashboard part. 


Sign up with Facebook or email, and choose a username, password and shop name for yourself. You'll need to confirm your email address to continue, so check your inbox.

Click the activation link and go to your Dashboard for the first time. Agree to the terms of service and confirm that you are over 18, and then click "Next".

Then go through the Shop Wizard and answer five easy questions. (You can always go back and answer these later in your "Settings" tab.)

1. Enter First and Last Name. 

2. Enter Shop Address.  This is the address you will be shipping your items from.

3. Payment and Tax Information.  Enter your Paypal account email address and/or Dwolla account ID.  Enter sales tax rate or omit sales tax.

4. Shop Design.   Enter shop description (2000 character limit).  Your shop description is also a great way to communicate your terms of service, shipping options, or any other important information you want to relay.  Upload shop logo and banner. For best results shop logo size should be 135x135 and shop banner should be 887x150.  Please use jpg, gif, or png format. Click here for help creating your shop logo and banner. You will be able to review or change your shop design by clicking on “My Shop” after you have completed the shop wizard.

5. Social Media Information.  Enter your shop’s Facebook Page and/or Twitter Handle.  If you are not connected to social media, here are tips to get set up.


Once you have completed the Shop Wizard you will be able to review your shop by clicking on "View Shop" in the upper right-hand corner.  You can also edit your shop in the "Settings" tab.  

You are now ready to start listing items!  If you currently have an online shop you can use our easy Listing Import Tool or you can list your items individually.

To list an Item, first go to your shop dashboard and click the "Add Item" button.

Then start filling out the fields. First is Item Info. Enter an Item Name, Description (See Tips on writing compelling product descriptions), the Quantity and Price*

Note: If you have multiples of the same item you can increase the quantity in stock for the listing. As the items sell, the quantity in stock will go down. If you have a made-to-order item, we suggest listing a quantity HIGHER than 1. Once your item sells out it will automatically be un-published from your shop. Goodsmiths has NO listing fees, so there is NO charge to increase your quantity.

Tips on creating a price that is right

Add Images- You can add up to 4 images, including your main image.  Image size 512x452 is best.  Use .jpg, .gif, or .png format.  File size limit of 500kb.  Tips on improving item images.

Select Categories and Tags. Categories and tags help shoppers find your item when they search Goodsmiths.  Put yourself in the shoppers shoes — what words would you search to find this item? Look at your description and item name for good keywords.

The first drop down is the main level category. This will determine which category your item will appear. You may also then select a sub-category in the second drop down to further describe your item.

Materials­- (optional) Materials describe what your item is made of and can help your items be found through search.

Colors- (optional) Add the color(s) of your item.  If you have an item that comes in a variety of different colors we suggest you list them individually, but you may also list all of your color options under one item.  Remember to list a quantity HIGHER than one if it is made to order.

Shipping Info- You have the ability to set a flat shipping price on each item.  We currently only allow shipping within the United States.  Tips on setting your shipping price.

6. Save Listing- Once your listing is saved you will be able to view it in your Shop Listings.  

Please review and select Publish This Listing to make the listing public.
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